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Terms of Service
We welcome readers and visitors to our terms and conditions for use of B-desh News and its associated websites, its contents, services and applications.
Intellectual Property Rights
B-desh.news’s content, copyright, trademarks, patents, images, text, graphics, logos, domain names, audio or video and other related intellectual property rights or other features of it belongs to B-desh.news or to its licensors.
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Our website visitors or readers are required to use B-desh.news services only for lawful means and for read-only purpose. The audio and visual elements of the website or application can only be listened and viewed and nothing beyond.
We encourage our readers to share our content(s) in their social media profile, groups and related communities. However, the contents of our services must not be shared with anyone or with any other digital platforms with any modification or alteration.
Visitors/readers are prohibited from hacking the website, or trying to get around our content security setup.
Unauthorized and prohibited activities
The user is specifically required not to associate B-desh.news with any political party, racism, sexism or otherwise damage our reputation.
The user is also prohibited from defaming B-desh.news or defaming any other person or entity, or commenting on any court proceedings that may amount to a contempt of court. Harassing, bullying or upsetting the people or any other user is strongly prohibited.
The user must not post or upload any image or comment which is offensive or obscure or immoral. Personal attack by way of comment or image is likewise prohibited.
Redirecting to other Websites
B-desh.news will not accept any kind of liability if the user is redirected to any other website including unwanted websites from the B-desh.news.
B-desh.news does not endorse any user generated content nor does it guarantee the accuracy or authority of any us er generated content.
B-desh.news reserves the right to remove any user’s content, suspend or discontinue one’s opportunity to submit post and/or upload content, at any time and for any reason at its sole discretion without any notice and without further recourse to users.
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